Monthly Archives: September 2017

You can’t google that…


Or maybe you can.  How the fuck do I know? 

I’ve been seeing this amazing guy for about 5 months. But it’s an unconventional sort of relationship because it’s a LDR.  But we decided to move in together and we are making serious future plans.  

But neither of us have said THE WORD.  I wanted to but I chickened out so bad.  It feels GOOD to be in love.   How the fuck do you go about spilling it the first time?  I even fucking googled it.  “How do you tell someone you love them?” 

Surprisingly, google was no damn help.    I got such helpful advice like “Over a romantic dinner!” 

Because that helps a lot when he’s across the country. 

How about “call them and talk to them all night!”

Negative, ghost rider.  My ass needs to sleep to get up to go to work, and I ain’t 18 anymore. 

“Take them on a long drive”. NOPE.  My guy spends the majority of his days driving.  I sure as fuck don’t wanna tell him I love him on a drive. 

“Song dedications”

Do people still do this shit?? I can’t even consider this one with a straight face.  

I guess in the end all the thinking makes me over analyze it and I should just do it.  But then of course I worry that he doesn’t feel the same.  And then I go back to wondering if I should say it.  

Fucking love, man.  It’s ridiculous.  But it’s also pretty good.