Monthly Archives: June 2017

To be fair,


I do meet a few pretty good guys in the online dating thing.  So its not all horrible.

Example. Im dating someone I call Yankee.  Hes adorable, and after barely meeting me, he took it upon himself to make the entire week of my birthday special.  He knew I was going out of town to a drag show and meeting Sharon Needles, so I would be working the whole week up until I left.

He arranged to have a birthday gift delivered to me EVERY DAY OF THAT WEEK.  Of course, with amazon and the USPS being what it is, one was late, but that doesnt matter.

And then Im seeing another guy Ive named Jager.  Thats for his fondness of the Jagerbomb. We havent made it much past the meeting at a bar for drinks stage, but hes always been super sweet and makes me laugh, and a pretty good kisser from what Ive gathered thus far.

I still pop into my accounts from time to time to filter the weeds out and look for gems worthy of mocking.   That I have no shortage of from past experiences.    But right now Im gonna have some pizza and beer, and sleep.




Just some more bullshit… 

First of all.  The multiple monosyllabic messages are unacceptable.  Does that make me a bitch?  Possibly.  Do I care?  No.  If you can’t even have intelligent text conversations on an app meant to make women WANT to meet men, then I have dismal hopes it would be any better in public.