Do overs and pushiness


Do overs- You know when you meet someone a long long time ago, and you think you hit it off pretty good, and then never hear from them again only to have them pop back up in the merry go round of “matches” that OKC gives you?   Yeah, that happened.   Not sure yet if its good or bad.

Pushiness- Match with another random person who chats you up and all of a sudden it gets sexually charged, and before you know it hes asking you to send selfies of you in bed.  What the fuck man?

Or am I the pushy one when I message someone who clearly has a habit of visiting my profile but never saying anything so I message them and its like pulling teeth to get responses.

UGH.   Dating sucks.

In other words, Green Day does NOT.  I went to see them live last weekend, and holy fuckballs, was it amazing.  Fireworks, fire, commentary, participation, a great blend of songs from old and new, and an amazing 2.5 hours of loud raucous punk music.



About Jayne McClane

Outspoken, yet hidden romantic with a tendency to jump when others tiptoe. I spend my days doing things that most people run screaming from, and I love it. My veins pump glitter, good beer, and Irish blood all in a tiny package. Loving mom, rescued by a loving pitty last year, and addicted to trashy TV.

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