Dating, and all that entails.


Bear with me as I begin the process of retooling the former purpose of this journal into the current purpose.    I probably wont edit or delete my prior entries.  But I may make reference to the incidents in them.

Im single.  I work full time, and I raise 2 teenagers, one of which is agender.  I also have an adult kid in college.  And Im a 5 year veteran of the online dating process.   I thought I had reached an end when I got engaged, but alas, no.  That didnt  go as planned.

So now, Ill be attempting to devote more time to putting my thoughts and experiences to screen, and seeing how it goes.

First up for tomorrows post.  Valentines Day, and why I am uncomfortable with it.


About Jayne McClane

Outspoken, yet hidden romantic with a tendency to jump when others tiptoe. I spend my days doing things that most people run screaming from, and I love it. My veins pump glitter, good beer, and Irish blood all in a tiny package. Loving mom, rescued by a loving pitty last year, and addicted to trashy TV.

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