The IRS sucks balls.


Have you ever had to fight the IRS to get your rightfully owed money?  Me neither till this year.  Even though Im divorced, and have been for almost a year, they are still taking MY refund to pay off a bill my ex accrued in 2011 because of his shoddy filing number crunching sneakiness.  UGH.

And my poor little girl is already suffering the ill effects of being my daughter.  Her sister didnt start it till she was about 15.  Shes 12 and already having the soul crushing, eye melting, vomit inducing migraines that come with her period like me and her sister do.  I feel so awful for her.  Mine didnt start til my early 30s.  My oldest started it when she was about 15-16.  Now 12??  So not fair.  ANd honestly, Im wondering if a trip to discuss BCP might help her headaches and cramps.  Ill be damned if a 12 year old suffers through the shit her 38 year old mother does.


About Jayne McClane

Outspoken, yet hidden romantic with a tendency to jump when others tiptoe. I spend my days doing things that most people run screaming from, and I love it. My veins pump glitter, good beer, and Irish blood all in a tiny package. Loving mom, rescued by a loving pitty last year, and addicted to trashy TV.

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