Im cracking.  Today I was THIS close to smashing out the entire rack of jarred french onion dip at the store.  I could SEE myself doing it…and I even had a jar in my hand.  Im not sure why I stopped, but Im not liking this stress and pressure.  

Yesterday my boyfriend broke up with me.  Although Im not sure if its a real break up or what.  He had an episode this weekend, and hes basically hospitalized while treatment is sought.  Im hurt, confused, lost, worried, and sad.   He asked me to not contact him and we talked for a while, and talking to him was painful.  Painful in the fact that neither of us wanted this, but his drs are trying to fix him so they want him to back off and away from anyone who isnt family.  Why I was in the cut off zone, I dont know.  Ive been with him almost a year, we had plans to move in together, and were happy.  

I dont know.  It hurts, and its confusing, and along with everything else my ex husband is pulling and stuff, I feel like Im cracking.  And nothing can stop it.  


About Jayne McClane

Outspoken, yet hidden romantic with a tendency to jump when others tiptoe. I spend my days doing things that most people run screaming from, and I love it. My veins pump glitter, good beer, and Irish blood all in a tiny package. Loving mom, rescued by a loving pitty last year, and addicted to trashy TV.

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